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  1. When should I start estate planning?

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    Although estate planning is often portrayed as something to do as you near retirement. The truth is, it is never too soon to have an estate plan in place.

    While planning for the unthinkable is not how many of us prefer to spend our time. It is essential, especially if you have young children. (more…)

  2. Does alimony increase if my spouse had an affair?

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    While every case is different, the short answer to your question is: Yes. You may be eligible for more alimony if your spouse had an affair.

    In 2019, the Supreme Court of Utah agreed with Read & Read when we argued before them in the case of Gardner vs. Gardner, on the issue of fault and alimony. The Supreme Court of Utah, also, agreed with our attorneys that adultery and other considerations should impact the amount of spousal support paid each month. (more…)

  3. Can my spouse demand I leave my home?

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    The division of property can be very contentious, and it is not uncommon for us to be asked, “Can my spouse demand I leave my home?”

    The quick answer to this question is. No, your spouse cannot evict you from your home. In fact, no one in a divorce dispute can kick the other person out of their marital home. The only person with the authority to make such an order, is a family commissioner or judge.  (more…)

  4. How much child support will I get?

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    We have advised thousands of parents on the issue of child support, and the most common concern we hear is, “How much child support will I get?”

    This question is not surprising, considering we all want what is best for our children. Unfortunately, there is no quick answer to this question. As Utah dependent support is determined by a series of calculations. (more…)

  5. How do I maximize spousal support (alimony)?

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    Figuring out the best ways to maximize spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony, is frustrating and confusing. Especially considering the state of Utah does not have a set formula to determine how much support should be awarded. 

    Spousal support is not the same as child support. In fact, these are funds you receive in addition to the support needed to care for children. The purpose of spousal support is to enable the spouse receiving support to maintain the same standard of living they had during the marriage. In addition to preventing them from becoming a discharge of the state, in the event they are suddenly unable to afford the home they live in and other bills after the divorce. (more…)