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March 14, 2021

How to Support a Friend During Their Divorce

Have you found yourself on endless Google searches for tips on how to support a friend during their divorce? We understand. Watching a friend, or loved one, struggle is never easy.

Which is why we have compiled a few tried and true support methods, our clients have told us they appreciated.

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of pages on the do’s and don’ts of how to support a friend during their divorce. Here are a few simple ways to show your friend, or loved one, you have their back.

First, simply listen. That’s right. Supporting a friend or loved one, can be as easy as, simply listening. Resist the urge to do the following; problem solve, inquire on intimate details, or disparage their ex. Instead just allow them the space to talk about what is going through their mind. Feeling seen and heard is one of the most basic human needs. When it comes to times of transition, simply being there to listen, can be all your friend needs as they rebuild.

Second, invite them out. It is not uncommon for people in the midst of a divorce to report their phone doesn’t ring as much as it used to. If your group of friends used to always have couples activities, then make time for ladies nights or invite them out for dinner with just the two of you. Divorce can be isolating. Taking the extra time to ensure your friend knows their friendships are still intact will go a long way.

Third, be accepting of their dating life. Maybe they are ready to jump back into the dating pool, but you think they should wait. Maybe you can’t wait to fix them up with a co-worker, but they aren’t ready yet. Regardless of how their ideas may conflict with yours. It is important to support them, and let them know you are there to hear of all their new adventures. Even if those adventures do not include dating your cute and kind co-worker.

These are just a few examples of easy ways to help support a friend, while they navigate their divorce. While they may seem simple, the gesture of being available and showing them they matter can provide a bit of consistency to their ever-changing world.

If your friend needs help with the legality of their divorce. Please pass along this link for them to schedule a free 30 minute consultation today: Consultation Form

They can also reference our divorce blogs for more information that may pertain to their case, or help provide answers to their questions.

Have you found yourself on endless Google searches for tips on how to support a friend during their divorce? We


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